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My job for Wusch was to redefine the branding, the brand is meant to be fun, quirky, creative, and mystical. I started with the logo redesign and used the elements that most represent the brand, then I started developing a series of illustration that will transform into brand elements trough the redesign for example in the website I started placing the clouds with the idea that everything is floating in a mystical sky, created a series of illustrations for the brand values and used colors that were feminine delicate and fun but that remind us to old books, I wanted to use a serif font that gives the feeling of antique and paired up with a very fun slab serif to create contrast, for the packaging design I used patterns and illustrations that are also used on newsletters and promotional materials.

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Wusch is a lifestyle brand with products like jewelry and candles. This brand is the representation of young and fun with a modern touch, in imaginary words like witchcraft, mysticism, and magic come to mind. The product packaging is a reflection of it with elements like moons, stars, suns it conserves its grounded values by having craftsman elements utilitarian and apothecary-inspired: a hand-stamped logo on their iconic kraft and amber glass jars. We defined the brand's fonts and colors on website and printing elevating the brand experience through trough iconography fun backgrounds and other elements.


Branding – Art Direction

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