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Branding – Web Design
Logo & monogram re-creation | Visual Identity | Website Redesign | Newsletter & Marketing Material

My job for useless was to redesign the brand experience, I started by making as a central point the values of the brand such as sustainability, minimalism, and transparency, Signe Hansen the owner of the brand creates beautiful content and I wanted the user to have an almost mesmerizing experience, the main idea was to create a specie of moldboards in the website pages with colors that pair with images and titles, I paired her signature minimalist thin sans serif font with a modern humanistic sans serif to give a sense of modernism, redefined the logo for something more web-friendly/legible and kept it very minimal, the whole idea of the thin lines through the website is to have a settling feeling as the elements of the pages are perfectly divided. Another feature that is special to me on this website is the homepage slider, in which I wanted to make sure to give information about the brand.

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Signe Hansen wanted to create a brand that reflects her love for lasting style, she has not only designed a timeless collection that can be mixed and matched all-together, she has also made sure to use lasting materials. Finding herself bored with over-consumption and pure newness, she is not only drawn to the positive environmental impacts of a slow lifestyle; she has learned to be more relaxed and open-minded as a person when it comes to the "perfectionist" standards.


Branding – Art Direction

The Positivity Planner 2019

Illustrations – Layout Design
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