The Positivity Planner 2019

Illustrations – Layout Design
Illustrations | Color Palette | Layout Design

The first step into creating this planner was to map out the initial idea and round it up into a juicy index, once that was defined, the whole vibe of the book was pretty much set, I had to be fun but adult and it had to represent the client, Emily, I went on and created a color palette of blues and browns and picked an elegant serif font for the titles, once that was defined the illustrations that accompany the content were very fluent and it was overall a very fun project to make.

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On her YouTube channel, Emily talks about motherhood with a positive outlook and provides her favorite organizational tips. The goal of the positivity planner is to give out a little bit of motivation and inspiration every single day. The planner is perfect for everyday use and help to keep track of a variety of topics. There are motivational quotes throughout, a unique weekly grid system, goal setting pages, and places for gratitude. She also shares her personal mom hacks and tips on meal planning, travel, budgeting, and more.

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The Positivity Planner 2020

Illustrations – Layout Design
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