The Positivity Planner 2020

Illustrations – Layout Design
Illustrations | Color Palette | Layout Design

After the success of the 2019 planner, we were on board to create the 2020 version of it, we took the 2019 planner as a guide and with the help of customers feedback added a few different elements, like a better week layout and recipes pages with illustrations we kept the fonts but added a few more colors to the color palette especially the mint one to give a refreshment to the design and it was again overall a very fun project to make.

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The planner is perfect for everyday use and help to keep track of a variety of topics. There are motivational quotes throughout, a unique weekly grid system, goal setting pages, and places for gratitude. The paper used for the inside is 120 g/m² open Munken Lynx paper. The pages are bound with thread stitching and the cover is scratch-resistant with matte foil.

The Positivity Planner 2019

Illustrations – Layout Design

Sammi Maria

Branding – Art Direction
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